Frequently Asked Questions for Advertisers

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Why are coasters an effective advertising medium for my business?

  • Captive audience: your message is directly in front of the consumer for an average of 45 minutes. In this environment people are relaxed and open to new "programming", that is, ideas and thoughts that influence buying and spending decisions.
  • Multiple impressions: hand-eye coordination dictates that people must look down before picking up or setting down their beverage. This creates dozens of micro-impressions where the consumer sees your message momentarily.
  • Demographics targeting: with our venue distribution network you have the ability to target income, lifestyle, geographic location, and age demographics (including the much sought after 18-34 age group) that best fit your marketing goals.
  • They're inexpensive: costing only pennies apiece, coasters are used an average of 4-5 times before they're disposed of. Reach your target audience on this truly cost-effective medium.

When we advertise with you, where will the coasters be distributed?
CoasterToCoaster partners with food & drink venues in your area to distribute coasters with your message.

How much does it cost to advertise with CoasterToCoaster?
Advertising with CoasterToCoaster is affordable for businesses of all sizes. Please email us for our 2010 price list.

What type of accountability do you have for your venues? (In other words, how do I know my coasters are being seen?)
The best way to measure the effectiveness of a coaster advertising campaign is to create a mechanism to know when a customer has seen your message on a coaster. Examples include:

  • A special URL on your website (ie:
  • A phone number dedicated to your campaign
  • A dedicated toll free number
  • Encourage the use of the coaster as a coupon (ie: "Use coupon code C2C-2010 to Save 10% off your next order")

What size and shape coasters do you offer? What are they made of?
Our coasters are 4" (101 mm) round or square with rounded corners and are made from premium pulpboard measured at 40 pt thickness. If you have a custom shape in mind or would prefer a thicker coaster we are able to accommodate. Contact us for more information.

Who designs the coasters?
We work with your art department or a graphic design firm of your choosing. Or, at your option, we will create an ad for a nominal fee. Your business has the option to have different designs on each side of your coaster, however it is recommended that the designs be similar.

We're ready to get started. Where do we go from here?
We encourage you to contact us to set up a meeting. We will discuss different aspects of your business and formulate a customized coaster deployment advertising campaign specifically for you. Please read the page Get Started for more information.

Do you give commission to Advertising Agencies?

Yes. CoasterToCoaster allows for the customary 15% commission when working with recognized advertising agencies. If you represent an advertising agency please contact us for a media kit.

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