Frequently Asked Questions for Venues

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What is the CoasterToCoaster Authorized Venue Network?
CoasterToCoaster works with advertisers and arranges for their advertisements to be printed on beverage coasters which are then distributed to our own network of Authorized Venues (food/drink establishments) to be passed out to their customers when they order a beverage.

What do venues need to do in order to participate in the program?
Venues must simply agree to place our beverage coasters under customers' beverages when they place a drink order.

What do the venues in your network get in return for passing out coasters?
Venues receive a commission for each coaster that is passed out. In addition, research has found that patrons think of our coasters as interesting conversation pieces. Providing an engaging environment for patrons is vital to increasing customer retention.

What types of food/drink establishments are able to participate in the program?
Restaurants, bars, dance clubs, night clubs, wine bars, sports themed restaurants and more. If you aren't sure if your establishment is eligible to participate, please contact us to find out more.

How much money per coaster does the venue receive?
The amount is set by each venue and ranges from $.01 to $.05 depending on the number of locations you operate and your average weekly drink order volume. Venue commission is passed onto the advertiser so a higher-negotiated commission schedule may restrict the number of number of advertisers willing to choose your establishment as a point of distribution.

What types of advertisements should we expect to see on your coasters?
The subject content on the coasters compliment but never compete with your restaurant's offerings. All coaster ads are screened for content to ensure appropriateness for all age groups.

Types of ads you may see:

  • Broadway-style theater productions
  • Seasonal Sales (e.g., flowers for Mother’s Day, back-to-school sales, Christmas gifts, etc.)
  • Transportation, such as taxi and limousine services
  • Fun facts and trivia
  • Public Service Announcements

Types of ads you will NOT see:

  • Restaurant ads
  • Happy hour ads
  • Pizza delivery
  • Other food/drink establishments

How often should participating venues expect to receive coasters?
The frequency depends on a number of factors including your establishment's seating capacity, your average weekly drink order volume, and the number of advertisers looking to advertise in your area.

How often should participating venues expect to be paid?
CoasterToCoaster disburses payments to venues on a quarterly basis. If your establishment is changing hands or is ceasing to operate please contact us by phone to receive your final commission payment.

How much does it cost to participate?
It's 100% free for venues to participate in the program. In fact, we pay you!

How do I join?
Simply fill out this short form. It takes less than three minutes

Can I still pass out coasters that I receive from my local beer or spirits distributor?
Yes, but we ask that you deplete your cache of coasters received from us before doing so.

I lost the last payment check you sent or I never received it. Help!
No worries. Please contact us and we will be happy to reissue your check.

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